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Friday, November 27, 2009

NATURAL BODY IMAGE: Ourstories. Our bodies. Loving our natural selves unapologetically

Natural Body Image Shame

Why we don't talk about it and why we should.

Let the conversation begin. Body image is something we constantly hear women, regardless of color, struggle with.

I'm too fat...I'm not thick enough

I want a butt is too big

My breast are huge...they're not big enough

This can go on but I'd probably run out of space. Females from every ethnic group have to make their peace with the Natural Body Image the creator blessed them with. For us sistahs, we are not exempt. Now we all know the media perpetuates a certain type of black beauty. Rarely do we see Alek Weks, India Aries, or Jill Scotts. Often times many of the women we DO SEE in the media are like an Alek Wek, India Arie, or Jill Scott in their natural state.

Skin bleach

Cosmetic Surgery

Hair chemicals

These things, and more, certainly keep our Natural Body Image a secret. Do black women who use these products hate themselves? It depends on how these questions are answered:

Do you use skin bleach to fade discoloration from acne, pregnancy, or hyperpigmentation? Or do you use it because you want to look like Casper's sister?

Do you get your nose surgically altered to breathe better or because you think its too big or too wide?

Do you relax your hair because you want to or because you think your natural hair is a hot mess and you can't get a job or a man unless you have "good hair?"

How we perceive our natural body image should not be dictated by Eurocentric standards of beauty nor personal or professional relationships. If you look in the mirror and you can't stand your complexion, your eye color, or hair are suffering from NBI Shame.

Love the woman in the mirror and let the healing begin.