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Friday, November 27, 2009

Don't Bite the Apple Eve because its bombed the AAA Effect!

Restaurants: The Good, The Bad, and Downright Nasty

Food is truly for the soul among black folks. Family recipes, potlucks, holiday traditions are all ways we keep ourstory alive and kicking. I'm not greedy, well maybe I am just a little. Ha! However, I do love great food and restaurants that provide authentic African Diapora dishes. Ghanaian red red, Haitian griot, Down south sweet potato pone, Jamaican ackee and saltfish, are some of the numerous foods our people prepare.

(I believe this is Ghanaian Red Red over Fish. I don't remember...but lawd have mercy, it was good!)

When choosing a culturally-themed restaurant, look for the Triple A Effect:
  • Atmosphere: A restaurant can have the best food in the world, but if it looks and smells like there is live-in roadkill, KEEP IT MOVING. Also culturally relevant ambience is super important. When I go to a Jamaican restaurant I expect to hear reggae music. I love Celtic and even rock music, but if Evanescence is blasting from the speakers, KEEP IT MOVING!
  • Artery-Friendly Alternatives: Restaurants that are culturally and health conscious are a must. If a restaurant only serves fried food and nothing green, KEEP IT MOVING. I love restaurants with a diverse menu that includes healthy choices. Nutrition is extremely important. Be kind to your arteries and they'll be kind to you.
  • Authenticity: I enjoy soul food dishes that are cooked by our hands. We must preserve our food culture by preparing our traditional dishes. Traveling has given me a greater appreciation for all types of food, like Portuguese cuisine; however, if a Portuguese restaurant is whipping out "American food" just to attract tourists, that repels rather than attracts me. If I fly all the way to Portugal, give me Portuguese cuisine, please. Keep the food real or I will have to KEEP IT MOVING.

Jerk Hut

MY RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Jerk Hut is truly an underdog. The ambience was simple yet cozy with its vibrant color scheme and intimate booths. The music was excellent. Great dancehall and reggae "Love Boat" theme music here. For your money, they give you plenty of food which is something, unfortunately, I cannot say about Bahama Breeze. I've eaten at restaurants in Jamaica and Jerk Hut truly provides authentic Caribbean cuisine. However, they get snabbed 1/2 point for the metallic skirt wearing, beer holding girls on their website's home page. I can tell momma or auntie about this amazing restaurant, but would they be attracted after seeing the website? Probably not.
view their website for more information:
Bahama Breeze

MY RATING: 3 out of 5 stars
Bahama Breeze is in the big leagues compared to Tampa's Jerk Hut. They have numerous chains throughout the US, yet Jerk Hut outshines them in the authenticity arena. The menu does have traditional dishes (though it may not be prepared traditionally or by traditional hands). Some American dishes have made their way onto the menu. They do have live Caribbean music, although "The Love Boat" theme was a definite turn off. This is a restaurant I probably would go to again, but I won't break my neck to get there.
view their website for more information: