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Saturday, November 7, 2009

You are the missing ankh...goodbye!

The day before I left for Lisbon, my ankh ring fell down my bathroom sink. I'm like: "Is this a sign?" I've only taken it off to bathe or wash dishes, but within a matter of seconds...POOF! Since I started my journey to becoming AFROconscious, I wore my ring as a constant reminder to myself of what Africa was at its peak.

The Ankh has numerous interpretations:

* a symbol of life
* the female womb
* the first trinity (i.e. man, woman, child)

I carried all of these meanings with me, wrapped around my finger. So was it an omen, my ring disappearing? Nah. I think it propels me to a higher strata in my journey. Although I'm gonna buy another one (it's a great ice-breaker when sistahs notice it), I don't NEED it to remind me of my Africanness; I am my own reminder.