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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Black Atlas: A Great Resource for the Black World Traveler

Gathering those puzzle pieces to discover ourstory began when I started traveling. Now I'm not apart of the Sky Club (if u got the connect...hook a sistah up lol) but I can say I'm becoming a bit of a world traveler. I love world cultures in general, but I'm always especially thrilled when I get to see black folk practicing a different culture than myself thousands a miles away. The diversity within our community is wonderful, and I have been blessed to see the oneness we all share despite our differences. However, to find that oneness I had to first find where all the black folk were at.

If you guys love world traveling like me, you are constantly googling cool sites and blogs that'll make your jounrey more comfortable. You'll peruse the travel section in bookstores or watch Travel Channel while sipping on a veggie smoothie (lol). Well I found a gem, like no other.


check out this video on Kingston:

While driving to work, I split my time listening to the Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner morning shows. That's when I learned of this great resource. Black people who world travel or would like to travel need to check this site out. It's informative and easily navigable. It gives you all of the ethnic places found in numerous countries (Portugal is full of black brothers and sisters, which was a complete surprise to me). From spoken word joints, clubs, restaurants, hair salons, theaters, and for nerds like me...bookstores. Black Atlas is a gem because it's one of the few travel resources that speak to black folks wherever they are!