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Monday, April 5, 2010

AFRO Life: A New Video Series

Hi ladies,

I'm going to be uploading some youtube videos that will collectively be titled AFRO Life in the near future.

The first vids will be a two part series on some things that have been happening in my life and why it seems I've taken a hiatus from the internet world. In that series, I'll touch on everything from recent news about me to inspiring my younger viewers to dream big and how hard work in the classroom will help them achieve that dream.

Another installment in this series will be on relationships.
Some topics will include:
  • Should Black Women date men less financially successful than them?
  • Can you be the "strong, independent woman" within a relationship/marriage?
  • Dating/Marrying someone of a different spiritual/philosophical/religious path than you 
I also have a two part series coming up that will discuss my kinship theory behind why we call each other sister and brother.

Lastly, I'll be uploading a video that'll introduce you to the Yamster, my father. I visit him and film him cooking Jamaican yams. I really had a blast taping him yall.

Again, sorry I've been out of the loop on making Youtube vids and blog posts, but I'll be back more consistently really soon.

Stay blessed y'all and thanks for following the blog!